Company Profile


Since July 1996, date of Eurologic Transports S.A. , establishment, until today, our name is associated in the Greek market with that of pioneers in the field of International transports.


Until 2005 the headquarters of Eurologic remained in N. Chalkidona. In Oktober 2005 we moved to new modern premises in the area of Aspropyrgos.


The 1000 sq meters cool-storage can provide storage and Door to Door delivery to our customers.


Our company gave a new dimension in the field of LOGISTICS in GREECE.


Our company has offices in Cologne, in central Europe to serve the needs of our fleet and our customers as well.


Greek market’s demand for reliability in Eurologic Transports S.A. dominant in this field.


The increasing demand for immediate and safe service under contloled conditions in required temperatures and hygiene, supported by experienced staff led Eurologic Transports S.A. to it’s successful career.


Almost all greek companies trading and packaging fresh products have collaborated with Eurologic Transports S.A.



food safety, international transport, food transport, import Export, transportations, logistics, road transport.

Eurologic - Transports
Eurologic - Transports
Eurologic - Transports