Security Policies

Eurologic Transports S.A. is also a leading enterprise in the road transportation sector for various types of goods, both domestically and internationally, such as high-value or vulnerable products like pharmaceuticals or food. In particular, when handling high-value cargo domestically and internationally, the company has integrated the security requirements of the TAPA TSR 1 2017 standard into its daily operations. Eurologic Transports S.A. commits to:

  • Providing transportation services at a level that meets customer requirements, with operations structured to handle a variety of loads nationally and internationally.
  • Maintaining close collaboration with suppliers to create conditions contributing to the successful and safe execution of transportation work.
  • Internally controlling its operational level and progress, implementing corrective actions when necessary.
  • Continuously improving its processes to maximize customer satisfaction.

All personnel of Eurologic Transports S.A., including subcontractors and potential seasonal staff, are responsible and act in accordance with the company's commitments for the safe execution of transportation work and the continuous improvement of quality.

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